So Long, Celibidache

This page is for mourning. Those who had an experience of Celibidache's performance need to know how they experienced Sergiu Celibidache. Here I collect and carry what you could give an account of your own experiences. I am looking forward to you would write any messages for those who loved Sergiu Celibidache.

Note that these pages were originally published within a few years after Celibidache had gone. Now I have changed the style of pages from the original to fit the current website of mine but have not changed all of the original messages from the authors. So your may find broken links and unreachable email addresses.(2007-08-19 Tagata Akira)

Author Title Date
Barry Brenesal Sergiu Celibidache remembered 1998/9/27
Sacha Maxim My Uncle Sergiu 1998/4/1
Karen S. Carter Celibidache remembered 1997/10/5
Karen S. Carter I dearly loved Celibidache. 1997/10/3
George Atanasiu Sergiu Celibidache 1997/3/1
Alexandros RIGAS Celibidache in Munich 03/1994 1997/10/10
Albert Wang Celibidache fan from Taiwan 1997/9/17
Eran Beck Celibidaches inspiration! 1997/8/14
Hideaki Mogami Visited Celibidache's grave (only in Japanese) 1997/8/8
Henrik Jul Hansen Maestro Celibidache 1997/5/24
Ren Egawa Live 1997/2/13
Robert T. Davis Celibidache 1996/11/17
Jorge Corpus Celi 1996/10/16
John Kelly Celibidache and the Curtis Orchestra 1996/9/26
ジョン・ケリー チェリビダッケとカーティスオーケストラ 1996/9/26
Franck ERNOULD Celibidache is dead 1996/8/29
Urasoe Satoshi Memorial address for Celibidache's soul 1996/8/19
浦添 聡 チェリビダッケの終焉 追悼 1996/8/19
Paul H. Smith Celibidache Web Site 1996/8/18
ricardo joseh lima live or recorded perfomances ? 1996/8/18
ricardo joseh lima Celibidache is dead 1996/8/18
Naun Chew Celibidache DEAD 1996/8/15
Sebastian Marquez Celibidache is dead 1996/8/15

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